1912: Pilar Bayona Concerts VI




        In the Coliseo Pignatelli the Saragossa Profesores Músicos Association organized a Festival for the benefit of themselves. In the first part an orchestra made up for more than fifty musicians performed "Bohemios", a composition by Vives.
In the second part the violinist Constancia Comín and the pianists Eugenia Larroyed and Pilar Bayona made their performances.
Eugenia Larroyed played several pieces by Joaquín Larregla and Camile Saint-Saens. After that Constancia Comín, accompanied by Eugenia Larroyed played a Beethoven violin and piano sonata.
Finally Pilar Bayona performed Isaac Albéniz "El Puerto" and "Rapsodia No. 12" by Franz Liszt.
The three interpreters were very applauded and got very good reviews.















Pilar Bayona photograph in El Bretoniano magazine, 1912.

Photographer: Aurelio Grasa

Constancia Comín. Photography in Juventud magazine. ca. 1915


Liszt. Rapsodia nº 12

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