1912: Pilar Bayona Concerts I



Paquita Sánchez, Paquita Escribano, Pilar Bayona and Rafael Martínez, 1912. Gran Casino Fair show.
Photographer: Aurelio Grasa













On May the 5th, 1912, in the Saragossa Gran Casino Fair, the society "Junta Local de Damas" organized a "chocolat concert" in aid of wounded soldiers in Rif battle. The festival took place in order to raise money. The performances were very varied, with chamber music and singing. The programme had performances by Paquita Escribano, a variety song singer, Paquita Sánchez, a liric singer and Pilar Bayona with Rafael Martínez playing violin and piano chamber music. The festival had a large audience. The violin and piano duet, with Rafael Martínez and Pilar Bayona performed for the first time two Sarasate works: Aires bohemios y Souvenir, having a great success. Pilar had a finger injured in her rigth hand, but this was not cause of any problem. After the concert there were a chocolate party, and finally a dancing took place, and the public danced waltz and rigodón.
          The photographer Aurelio Grasa was a Pilar Bayona friend since they was teenagers. Both families held their friendship forever.

Gran Casino of the Saragossa Gran Casino Fair
Photogrepher: Coyne

Pilar Bayona at home in San Miguel street, 1912.
     Photographer: Aurelio Grasa

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