1912: Pilar Bayona Concerts II



First time Pilar Bayona offered a concert out of her city, Saragossa, was in 1912 to go to Oviedo in order to take part in a Fiesta de la Jota, two days before she was fifteen years old. As she was so young her father Julio Bayona went with her. The programme was divided into three parts. She performed the second part. At nine o'clock the event began at Campoamor Theatre. The programme stated the following text: "Introducing the  outstanding piano player fourteen years old Pilar Bayona, who chivalrously comes to take part in this Fiesta. She will perform the following works: a) Caprice "D´Alceste", Gluck (Saint-Saëns)- b) "El Puerto", Albéniz- c) Number 12 Hungarian Rapsody, Liszt."
As it can be checked in the pianist's repertoire, Pilar Bayona performed for the first time all the three works, and probably the pieces also were listened in Oviedo for the first time. Her father, Julio Bayona also took part in this second part, reading the poem "What jota must be" by Alberto Casañal, as that time newspapers  reads. The programme/poster showed at right inform about the whole fiesta,  with aragonese dancers, singers and Group of serenaders

Pilar Bayona, 1912.
Photographer: Aurelio Grasa



Programme/Poster "Fiesta de la Jota". Oviedo 1912

Julio Bayona caricature by Sostre

Oviedo Campoamor Theatre

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