1912: Pilar Bayona Concerts III


Tomás Bretón, Joaquín Larregla, Constancia Comín, Isabel Ballo, Cecilia Ballo, Pilar Bayona, and other unidentified people. 1912, Saragossa.



Saragossa Asociación Bretoniana offered its first concert. As the newspaper "Diario de avisos" said: " With an outstanding and large audience" signed by Fausto Gavín.
All the plays performed were composed by Tomás Bretón, born in Salamanca, and most of them were conducted by the author. Bretón was the Asociación Bretoniana "godfather", being its chairman the writer and universitary professor Mariano Baselga.
The orchestra was set up with Saragossa musiciens, and they was rehearsing the programme for five months. For this rehearsal the conductor was José Orós.
The orchestra first violin was Constancia Comín; Among the strings were Isabel and Cecilia Ballo, and the piano parts were supported by Eugenia Larroyed and Pilar Bayona.     


Concert programme
(1912, October the 21th)

       First Part:
"Guzmán el Bueno" Opera's prelude
           (conducted by Bretón)
        -  Serenade "En la Alhambra" (conducted by Bretón)
        - "La Verbena de la Paloma" Fantasy
(conducted by José Orós, the Bretoniana usual
        -"Spring" Orchestra and Choir
          (Young women Saragossa Orfeón)

         Second Part:
"Suite Andaluza", (four parts: bolero, polo gitano,
            marcha and zapateado)
         Third Part:
"Garín" Opera's sardana (conducted by Bretón)
"A la muerte de mi madre", Saragossa Orfeón
            (conducted by Ramón Salvador)

"Pasacalle y Gran Jota de la Dolores" performed
            by the orchestra, the Saragossa Orfeón and
           "Pignatelli" group of serenaders.



Saragossa Pignatelli Theatre

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