1912: Pilar Bayona Concerts IV




Saragossa Asociación Bretoniana organized its third recital in the Circus Theatre. The performance was a celebration dedicated to the great composer Ricardo Villa, and all the programme consisted of author's works. The "Sociedad de Profesores Músicos de Zaragoza" orchestra played with Ricardo Villa as conductor.
The "Asociación Bretoniana" soloist, Pilar Bayona, was the piano performer in Fantasía Española. This was the first time Pilar Bayona played a piano and orchestra play, and she had a very great success. This same work became a usual piece in the early pianist's repertoire, who performed it in six occasions, one of them in a two pianos version with Joaquín Zubiría, a well known navarro pianist.


1912, December the 17th. Performance programme



Composer and conductor Ricardo Villa dedicated this photography to Pilar Bayona and her parents. Madrid, 1913.
Photographer: Emilio López

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